Thirty Thousand Streets

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

You know you're working in an ad agency/design group when..

There's a copy of that Dilbert strip that takes the piss out of advertising.

There's a humorous Pantone 'tea' swatch chart sellotaped to one of the cupboards in the communal kitchen, while on a nearby cupboard there'll probably be..

..An A4 sheet instructing people to please keep the kitchen tidy, on which will be grafittid typographic markups (bring up to line above, close up etc..) some wag might even have inscribed 'stet' next to one of these.

You're in Soho.

That's about it.

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gridrunner said...


We had the Pantone tea chart in our old kitchen. And that Dilbert strip has been around on email many times. (Hey, we’re a digital agency. Print is dead, right?) The kitchen hygeine notice doesn’t actually have any typographic markups on it (but hey, we’re a digital a... oh yeah, I know, well we...) and we’re in what some insist on calling ‘Noho’.

So what’s that? 3/4?