Thirty Thousand Streets

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Peppertree

I headed down to Clapham last night after work, where I met up with Liam and Kerryn, Dave, Ian and Sam – just back from his honeymoon.

We went to The Peppertree for a bite to eat.. a little place facing the common which does Thai food.

It was very busy, with people queing most of the time, but the turnaround was brisk. Its ethos seems to be decent food quite fast.. which it does well. The menu is pared down and while not compendious, almost makes a virtue of simplicity of choice.

Having become the gastronomic cliche that it is, it's sometimes easy to forget how nice Thai food can be, and this was a refreshing affirmation. My Thai green prawn curry with coconut rice was zingy and subtly hot, and I polished it off with a bottle of crisp Thai Singha beer.

The portions were exactly right too.. just enough and no more, though accurately priced to reflect this. At the end of the meal I left feeling neither light in the wallet or heavy in the stomach. I'd go there again, and if that is not enough of a recommendation there was a certain Guardian columnist chowing down there that evening, so it must be good.

After that we headed a few doors up to the Alex for a pint. The Alex is stuffed to the gills with assorted reclamation yard tat such as old tin shop signs, yet is actually not a bad boozer for that part of Clapham.

After that I jumped on the bus back home to Camberwell. Jess was sat up with her friend Lucy, having returned from quarantine at her mum and dads after contracting chicken pox. She'd brought some pebbles back from the beach, which were so smooth they felt soft to the touch. They were from the shore at Dunwich, site of a village which was swallowed by the sea over the course of several hundred years (and is not to be confused with the fictional Dunwich in Massachusetts in HP Lovecraft's 'The Dunwich Horror'. I read a bit before bed then eventually fell asleep.

Wednesday today. Quiet at work, cloudy outside. I'm munching on chilli crackers from the market in Soho, and thinking of things I can cross of the weeks 'to do' list today. It's nearly lunchtime, so I might go out and look for a linen basket.


Zeno Cosini said...

We made the mistake of buying a second hand linen basket, and it turns out the fucker is haunted! The ghost looks a bit like an old pair of jeans with a grubby "My niece went to London and all I got was this stupid teeshirt!" teeshirt hovering in the air just above them.

Ade said...

My comment is less interesting, though I concur that The Pepper Tree is indeed most decent.

The Pepper Tree and The Alex are two of the things I didn't hate about living in Clapham. Though they both get far too rammed at weekends.

Duncan said...

Yeah the Peppertree was a good one, tasty buziness. You don't get that sort of thing here, but... "Barcelona's 1st Fish & Chip Shop" has just opened on La Rambla, excellent news! I hope they do mushy peas...