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Friday, July 06, 2007

Card Art

Hey, does anyone like my installation?

It's called 'Fucking Waste of Cardboard' (2007) and it's currently on show in my living room for the next twenty minutes or so, until I chuck the lot in some black bin liners and leave it by the front door. The swirly blue 70s carpet is a comment on the vagaries of hyper-accelerative consumer culture. And rented accomodation.

It actually doesn't look as bad as it did, now I've spent the duration of The Love Movement ripping it up into manageable bits then rolling them up. Before it was several acres of cardboard – the flat-plan of two tardis-like boxes containing picture frames I ordered a while back.

This wasn't the worst of it either, as both came wadded with a duvet sized bolt of supersized bubble wrap straight off the set of Land of The Giants. Each was the size of a pastie (or pattie, whichever your preference) and rather than proving vaguely soothing, when popped, sounded like a gun shot. I spent one saturday morning slicing them open, so as not to get the police round.

The irony is, the glass in both frames turned up hopelessly shattered anyway, making the whole shebang an even more ludicrous waste of packaging. Ordering A1 sheets of glass in the post (even by special delivery) is not something I'm going to be doing in the future.

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Hyo-Jin said...

Love this entry. And, how in this world did you curl those rigid cardboard pieces into such neat and consistent bundles? It is a work of art! :) xO