Thirty Thousand Streets

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Books I've lost

I've just got in after a semi-boozy post work session in the Blue Posts in Belgravia (opposite the new Banksy 'One Nation Under CCTV mural, you know the one) to discover I've lost the book I was reading.

It was 'Less Than Zero' by Brett Easton Ellis, and I was frick'n enjoying it! Anticathartic.

Other books I've lost recently were something by Ian M Banks (not so bothered really as it was a bit of a Space Opera snoozefest) and The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, which I left on a plane en route to Paxos, via Corfu, in 2006 actually, so not that recently at all.

I'm pretty good at not losing most things, but Books I'm pretty good at losing, along with security passes for places I'm freelancing in – especially if I've just a really bad photo taken for them. I found one at the back of my wardrobe recently from a couple of years ago when I had long hair, and I look both vaguely Jesus-like, and uncomfortable at the prospect of having my image captured digitally.

Never mind. I've got a copy of 'Disco Biscuits' (tagline: new fiction from the chemical generation) which I bought in a Charity Shop to lull me to sleep.

UPDATE: I found it! So the free world can once again sleep at ease.


mountainear said...

Is 'Less than Zero' the sort of book a mother would like her child to read?

Zeno Cosini said...

Oh yeah. That Brett Easton Ellis? Sort of like an American version of Alexander McCall Smith. But friendlier.

The Eyechild said...

@ Mountainear

Yeah if the mum in question is Amy Winehouse.

@ Zeno

*Googles* Oh right, dude wrote the number one detective agency stuff?

Zeno Cosini said...

Yeah. I was replying to Mountainear.