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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This Week

I watched a dispatches special on Monday, whilst waiting for Dragons Den. It was on 'sandwiches', and helpfully told me that the very one I'd eaten that day contained more fat than TWO DOUBLE MACDONALDS CHEESEBURGERS.

Granted that unlike the last time I freaked a bit about stealth fat I could have seent his one coming more, as the sarnie in question was a 'Oakham Chicken Ceasar Sandwich' which contained chicken, bacon, and lashings of some kind of Caesar-Mayo-Dressing-ting.

Still, I did do a bit of a double take, as I generally don't rank the humble sandwich as a fatty snack, though this is of course contingent upon what goes into it. Marks and Sparks (for it was one of their butties) rather archly responded to the report with a statement that the sandwich in question was 'an indulgent treat' which many customers enjoyed.

Yeah, sure I enjoyed it too, until I realised it was an indulgent treat... who wants to eat an 'indulgent treat' at their desk at work while filling out timesheets? I don't (I want to save that til the evening, when I retire to the pub to sink crisp pints of european lager). Anyway. Won't be getting that again.

Last night I got fined for not paying on the baking cattle truck that is the Number 12 'bendy' bus. It was 'one of those things'. I generally always pay on, but in this case was in a mad scramble for a seat, as riding the 12 back to Camberwell without one in this heat is like a scaled-down version of hell. Two stops down I heard "can I see your tickets and passes please" and remembered I hadn't swiped. Busted.

Went for a barbie at a friends house last night, which was nice, but drank too much Kronenbourg 1664. I wasn't even very drunk really, but I've a bizarrely disasterous hangover. I'm tired. My head is throbbing. My skin itches. There seems to be a grey film over everything I look at (including the hi-res mobile phone handsets I'm retouching today). I feel awful.

Roll on 6 o'clock...


Little Nutbrown Hare said...

I wanted to see that (Dispatches sandwich scandal) but completely forgot. Was there any mention of Pret? I like the All Breakfast (sausage, bacon, egg mayonnaise...) but I get it in "Slim Pret" size.

The Eyechild said...

Um, as I recall, they didn't really pick at any particular sandwiches of theirs but did criticise them for not displaying nutritional info on the packaging – and I think they were fairly high up the league table in terms of their products' fat content.

Best were Boots, who were relatively healthy, but pity the fool who dines on the Subway Meatball Marinara – with the equivalent salt content of more than 12 bags of crisps. Yikes.

Zeno Cosini said...

I seem to remember Kronenberg doling out a pretty mean "bitch-slap" of a hangover. Try Kronenberg + brandy for the ultimate charmless morning after.

mountainear said...

Nah - Kronenburg + Cointreau is the Devil's drink.

The Eyechild said...

@ Zeno & Mountainear

Thanks to you both. Your suggestions for a messy morning after sound pretty fearsome. I think Cointreau sounds possibly slightly nastier.

Somebody at work yesterday was going on about 'Jager-bombs', which is apparently where you sink a shot glass of Jaegermeister into half a pint of Red Bull, depth charge style, then down it in one.

Apparently it's like a legal, liquid class-A substance. A Pan-galactic-gargle--blaster, if you will.