Thirty Thousand Streets

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bus route flashback

Ever wonder what London's bus routes looked like in 1933?

I know I have.

Well wonder no longer, friends.

All is revealed,



Zeno Cosini said...

Those convoluted rules about animals travelling on the top deck reminded me of an anecdote by the chronicler of English village life in the 20s and 30s, John Moore. He was travelling by train through the west country. A little girl had brought a tortoise onto the carriage, and the ticket inspector was trying to work out what charges ought to apply to such an unusual passenger, eventually concluding: "Well, dogs is dogs, and cats is dogs but this here torty is a rabbit, and he goes for free!"

The Eyechild said...

Nice sounding chap.

Bring back the inspectors I say, especially on the Bendy buses, where they might have a civilising effect.