Thirty Thousand Streets

Thursday, April 02, 2009


I just regretfully deleted a nice, free little application from my phone called Myrail Lite. It was really handy. It would locate stations closest to you, and filter the timetable to give you a handy list of destinations, and arrival and departure times. It was very useful, especially when you out and about or on the go. And indeed, even if you did have access to the internet, as I've never found the National Rail Enquiries website that much of a joy to use, much like the trains themselves, to be honest.

Well, when trying use it last night, I discovered that it, like many people these days, had been forced to stop working, when National Rail didn't renew their license to publish a live feed of train times.

And hey, w-what's this, National Rail have just created an application of their own, reportedly inferior, for £4.99. That's £4.99, for information on a public service, who already charge some of the most expensive fares in Europe, for conveyance in their grotty overcrowded carriages. Greedy. Why not make it free, National Rail? or charge 50p, but £5? For shame.

Still, why am I surprised that the rail infrastructure in this country is continuing to pursue their tried and tested policy of making things less efficient and more expensive, even in this minor aspect.

*adjusts monocle, lights pipe, harumphs etc.*


Zeno Cosini said...

I had to pay *clears throat softly* ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY QUID last week to travel the 90-odd miles to Castle Cary in Somerset by train to see a client last week. OK, my office will fit the bill, but fucking hell.

mountainear said...

Have a restorative pink gin my good fellow - these damned railway johnnies have ideas above their stations. Harumph indeed.

The Eyechild said...

@ Zeno

Yeah, RIP OFF!


Righty-ho, will do.