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Friday, October 07, 2005

Top Tens

Top Tens are great aren't they. You really know where you are with a good old numbered list, w-why, between 1–10 of course!

Everyone does it from poncey music mags listing fave tunes of the moment to er, poncey weekend newspaper mags listing their favourite.. forks? or something. Hell, lazy TV producers love that shit, and I think the formula goes something like this: think up a concept for a top-ten-based hour long Saturday programme e.g. top ten things I never did in the 70s, then get a load of Z list celebs to wax lyrical with about 10% of their brain, while planning how to spend their fee with the rest. Then everyone can knock off early and go to the pub. Simple.

Anyway, truth be told, I'm getting a little sick of the genre, so I thought I'd end it all in one fell swoop. So check it out playaz, here it is, the one, the only, the definitive:

Top Ten Top Tens

10. Ah nostalgia.. Top ten Kitsch TV moments from the 70's! Everyone loves 70's TV it's OLD, and people dressed differently then!

9. Top ten Kitsch TV moments from the 80's! Everyone loves 80's TV it's OLD, and people dressed differently then!

8. Top ten Kitsch TV moments from the 90's! Everyone loves 90's TV it's (slightly less) OLD, and people dressed (slightly) differently then!

7. Top ten favourite foods. This, if it was on TV would probably have the guy from 'Ready Steady Cook' on it.

6. Top ten favourite sweets.?

5. Top ten favourite ..smells? I'm getting bored of this.

4. Top Ten Cartoons, and yeah The Simpsons will be at number one..

3. Top Ten films, though damn, if Star Wars aint at number one there's going to be hell to pay..

2. Top Ten Bands, everone loves music, and everyone loves top Tens! Though yeah, it's probably going to be the Beatles at number one. Snore.

1. This top ten of course! See what I did there! Oh shit the universe has ended.

1 comment:

gridrunner said...

Dude, in my top ten of top ten top tens, your top ten of top tens is number 1.

And I voted for your t-shirt by the way.


p.s. Whoa, my word verification word is "wcgpaqg". i might change my name to that.