Thirty Thousand Streets

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well, got jerked about royally this week on a booking out in Hertfordshire. After it was changed no less than three times, I turned up only to be told that they only had a days work for me – this after getting up at six and travelling for two hours to get there.

The work was fairly dull too, and got briefed in late, by someone hung over. Part of it was report and accounts, relentlessly copying and pasting figures from a word document into an Indesign template, then tabbing them, and after a few hours of that, my mind was well and truly fried.

Anyway, I'm using my newly non-working status tomorrow to flee back oop north, with the dual purpose of seeing some old faces and getting a few bits and pieces languishing round at my brothers. I'm getting a lift back with my new housemate Marvyn on Saturday.

I'm also getting my quarterly (or therabouts) haircut at the best barbers ever, in Manchester.. I shit you not, this guy is a dude.

But anyway, I'll blog about that later.

Just popped into Cash Converters on Walworth road and scooped a couple of CDs – a Shriekback best of compilation, and the Bring Da Ruckus compilation on Loud, which I've been looking out for a bit – mostly for the remix of Rainy Dayz by Raekwon, but really, it's crammed with what Tim Westwood would term 'hot joints', so a steal at £2.

Anyway, I'll probably write again post Manchester.


sigh9 said...

you...a haircut? NOW how I'm gonna recognise you?

The Eyechild said...

you shall know me by the kittens head I'm having grafted onto my cheek - siamese if you please.

Zeno Cosini said...

I had a fly's head grafted onto my shoulders in place of my own - a barely visible black pimple on an otherwise smooth expanse of white skin. And then I accidentally beheaded myself with a safety razor - fancy!