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Monday, March 20, 2006

See how the money goes

I went into the bank on my lunchbreak today, to cancel a standing order to my housemate who's moving out. (It was for broadband and NTL)

I also canclled the insurance on my old flat, that while negligable was unnecessary, and also discovered that yet more money was being pilfered off me.

When I moved down in November 2004, whilst roaming central London with a sheath of CVs in search of work, I ran into one of those charity workers in bright jackets who try to catch your eye, then clothes-line your conscience into submission. Instead of mumbling excuses and swerving round him I actually stopped listened to what he had to say, and despite being strapped eventually agreed to make a donation in the new year.

The agreement was it would come out in March, and I'd get a phone call to confirm it. I didn't actually get any such call, and the money came out in February but hey ho.

Anyway I since learned today that the donation was not just a one off – which is something the guy completely omitted to mention to me. Indeed I'd go as far as to say the implication was very much the opposite. It's not such a big deal, and OK the money is hopefully going to do some good, but I find the fact that it was obtained by means tantamount to deception somewhat.. disappointing really. They relied on my good nature to stop and agree to making a donation in the first place so not being completely transparent upfront is pretty sneaky if you ask me.

The woman at the bank said it was a pretty widely used tactic, you should always check the fine print, but then, HSBC hasn't exactly got room to gloat (she kept dabbing at the blood of her last 'customer' on her HSBC tunic ).

Oh well. good karma for me I suppose (though I might have mitigated it somewhat by bleating about it in a blog).

I also got offered nine and a half weeks (oo-er) contract work in Watford.

I turned it down because:

a) It was an in-house role

b) Brochure/Catalogue work (snore)

c) Watford

d) GOTO a)


sigh9 said...

I think getting shafted by one of those chuggers is a rite of passage for everyone who moves to London. The charities make millions out of it, otherwise they wouldn't pay those poor saps to stand out in the rain in their little coloured tabards.

another on my list of crap jobs

doppelganger said...

Ya can't get through Corn Street in Bristol without coming across at least five a day.
They go on intensive two day training courses before they're unleashed... and they have to pay for it... and they receive commission on your donation...