Thirty Thousand Streets

Friday, May 04, 2007

I just saw..

No, not Paris Hilton riding a zebra naked through the fountains of Trafalgar Square (though this is London, and anything is possible). No, What I actually saw was what looked like the worst sandwich ever.. on Tottenham Court Road, and no, not actually on the road but it might have well as been.

It was one of those interchangable pseudo-Italiano sarnic joints hawking focaccia based confections, which are usually a bit suspect anyway, but this one took the proverbial biscuit.

It consisted of:
Chicken Escalope

and ladelled over the top..

Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce


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Anonymous said...

mmm sounds delicious(!) maybe that deli on shaw road in heaton moor could start selling it.....they sell some weird panini combos in there.
keith. (cant remember me login)
message ends.