Thirty Thousand Streets

Monday, October 06, 2008


At the risk of sounding overly worldy, I've worked in a few places in my time. Running the whole gamut of everything from grim sausage factories up north, to quote unquote 'funky' design groups, to top ten advertising agencies.

Obviously this comprises a fair bit of variety in terms of type of employee, workplace culture, size, location etc, but in every place I've worked in, every place I tell thee the walls of the men's toilets are always encrusted with snot, where someone's carefully wiped it mid-slash.

I walked into the gents today, and felt like Steve MxQueen in The Blob.
What is this? Some kind of atavisim? society dictates 'mucous-guy' can't waz against the wall to mark his territory, so he instead flicks a Taj Mahal sized booger as a biological remider of his passing.

It's better than racist graffitti, I suppose, but still, fairly damn rank.

Sort it out lads.


ade said...


Yeah, there was a phantom bogey wiper when I worked back at that large agency in West Kensington. Eventually a group email of complaint went around the company. Fortunately the activity was confined to Trap 4, so I just avoided that cubicle.

I dunno, maybe I'm old fashioned, but if I'm going to remove anything from my nose it'll generally be into a handkerchief or tissue.

But it's not just bogeys. The state of shared toilets generally is f****** appalling. What happened to "Leave it as you'd expect to find it"? I think too many people are just way too selfish.

And while I'm at it, I'd say far more than 50% of men walk straight from the cubicle and out of the door without washing their hands.

Sometimes after shaking someone's hand I'll think of this, shudder slightly, and go promptly to the bathroom to disinfect my palm.

The Eyechild said...

Yeah man. Pure grot. It's like Fungus the Bogeyman out there...