Thirty Thousand Streets

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"These aren't the plates you're looking for..."

My housemate has developed this 'Jedi mind trick', where if she ever doesn't feel like she can be bothered to do her washing up, she just sticks the offending plates on top of the freezer – thereby marking them as 'on hold', and emphasising the fact that it's 'different' from normal dirty crockery, and doesn't count – she's just really busy, yeah?

Personally I find it mildly annoying, as it just spreads filth more evenly round the kitchen, rather than quarantining it to by the sink (I'd prefer it if she just spent two minutes washing up, though).

It also means if I want to dip into the freezer, I have to to move the offending articles (typically bespattered in congealed baked bean slime) before I can access my frozen treats.

Just thought I'd share that with you. I guess this is like ultimate passive/aggressive 'house note' So passive/aggressive in fact, they don't even see it.


Zeno Cosini said...

I used to hide platefuls of spaghetti in my bedside drawer when I was a teenager and I'd taken too many drugs to want to eat. My mum would find them mouldering there weeks later.

Not enough drawing of former role-playing characters, Tom

sigh9 said...

yes dammit. more characters, Tom.