Thirty Thousand Streets

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Decorations

Open letter to businesses, re the 'Christmas decorations thing' (especially the Chinese takeaway downstairs).

Dear businesses

Re Christmas decorations. It's now January the 13th. Twelfth night was seven days ago. I believe I stand for everybody when I say: "Probably best to take them down now, hey?"

Yours Faithfully,


(Having said that, I note that the pound shop fairy lights cling still to the weary rubber plant in the living room, and though I had prepared myself for it, I nearly physically flinched the other day when my housemate said, in comment on them:

"Hey, they make the room look quite nice don't they? shall we just leave them up?"

I disagreed, albeit tactfully. Christmas decorations – the clue's in the name, innit.)


mountainear said...

How sad is it when pubs leave up the inflatable Santa as long as Valentine's Day? Or icicles all year round? I suppose it saves getting the ladders out.

Word verification is 'nulgers' - rolls off the tongue nicely doesn't it?

The Eyechild said...

Pretty sad. There's a hairdressers on the Walworth Road, which seems to be open, but never actually open (if you see what I mean) which has what appears to be a Christmas tree in its window all year round. Go figure.

Nulgers = my new name.