Thirty Thousand Streets

Monday, September 12, 2005


Today was an afternoon of coincidences. Whilst perusing the wares of Uniqlo on Oxford Street, The Eye encountered an acquaintance from the past.. A girl I had studied with at university. Initially I couldn't quite work out if it was indeed her, and I had left and walked for a good five minutes before finally deciding to return and see if it was indeed she (her name's Lucy by the way, though I can't for the life of me remember her second name).

It was. (But it took further surveillance on my part to pick up the courage to ask, and she was initially I fear completely at a loss to whom I was) Anyway. We 'shot the breeze' for a while, discussing old acquaintances and it turns out she's headed for China and then um, Tibet I think; which accounted for the bag o' jumpers she'd just purchased. Ah well. Swopped numbers and arranged to meet up for a drink.

Scarce had I turned off Oxford Street after this, when whom should I run into but.. er, my mum and dad? what are you guys doing in Soho? Actually, I knew they were in town, but still. Anyway, seeing them again tommorrow.

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