Thirty Thousand Streets

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rat Guy!

It was as I was wandering toward the bus stop on Denmark Hill that I spotted this character.. one of the more 'unique' denizens of Camberwell- 'Rat Guy' . Rat Guy's thing is to wander round Camberwell with rodents slithering around his neck like a kind of living scarf. One has to admire an individual who can dodge the near unilateral contempt for people who wear fur clothing by actually sporting living things. "..The fuck you lookin' at?" the white one is saying. Either that or "Stop the world I wanna get off (this guy)".


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gridrunner said...

Rat Guy.... very strange indeed.

By the way, you probably want to turn on 'Word Verification' for comments, otherwise you'll start getting spam comments (like i'm pretty sure azhar's is).

Go into the Blogger control panel, choose your blog and go to settings > comments.

On that page is a "Show word verification for comments?" option. Switch it to YES.

Peter Gasston said...

Fantastic! I've been trying to get a picture of Ratman (as I call him) for a while.

I have a blog about life in and around Camberwell, by the way; perhaps you'd like to drop by?