Thirty Thousand Streets

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The best sandwich ever.?

Despite this being a blog that deals primarily with the miracle of 'vision' and things I 'see', even eyes must eat, so I feel compelled to write about what might possibly be the best sandwich shop ever.

Actually, forget that: it is the best sandwich shop.

Located just off the bottom of Wardour street in London's Soho is Il Panino, a little Italian sandwich shop run by REAL ITALIANS, (and everone knows those guys love their food). They sell a whole load of stuff like coffee and tiramisu, but it's the Ciabatta Panini which I'm buggin' out about. They are, quite simply, outstanding.

It never ceases to amaze me how people manage to stuff up the sublime invention that is the sandwich. Lets face it, it's a pretty simple equation: two slices of bread, loads of top stuff, er, that's it (and no, you can keep your 'club' sandwiches - I don't want to be part of any club that promotes bread as an extra filling) Indeed, most sandwiches taste more of the clock on the wall that the poor unfortunate who was making them happened to be staring at while transferring a pinch of waterey iceberg lettuce from a tupperware box than actual food.

But these guys have got it right. Simple, top ingredients, generously applied, and very reasonable too. £3.50 for almost more sandwich than you can physically eat. They're all (I presume) pretty good, but I might particularly recommend the special: salami, roasted peppers and some amazing cheese that actually makes your gums tingle.. so I suppose it's the cocaine of the cheese world.

Anyway, if anyone other than me and Gridrunner read this, I reccommend that you give it a try if you're ever in Soho and feeling hungry.. And tell 'em the Eye sent you.


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