Thirty Thousand Streets

Monday, December 19, 2005


Just gone to the nicer looking of the Dentists on Camberwell church street, to have the first of three fillings. Opted to have the harder of the standard silver colour fillings because I might as well, y'know.

I'm not scared of the dentist, but the entire experience does feel slightly uncomfortable.. a couple of people staring into your mouth, and by extension up your nose, while they stick a needle your gum then pad out your cheek with a mini tampon. My upper lip feels like a dead slug at the minute, and as you can't put too much weight on it for an hour and a half or so, I'll have to forgoe my customary Monday lunch of half a pound of kola kubes.

Damn you dentist.

Actually very good job, and very professionally done.

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gridrunner said...

Kola Kubes... Now there’s a thought.