Thirty Thousand Streets

Friday, December 16, 2005

Quiet Friday

A quiet friday indeed, and as if it wasn't quiet enough, I used some of it to go and buy earplugs from Boots.

Other than that have mostly been listening to techno (notably the Carl Craig 'Landcruising' album, and the 430 West mix CD, which pounds alond in an endearingly bassy fashion) and trying to do some illustration.

Have returned to an image for a Threadless t-shirt competition I did a while ago but never finished. The theme was 'In Love And Death', and although I didn't get it in on time, and since accidentally deleted it, I decided to rework it. It's not quite finished yet.. I'm not sure it needs the keyline or the type, even if the font is right..

All done in Illustrator, which recently I've been finding a little frustrating. A very powerful package, and exceedingly good for certain applications (eg graphics, logos), but also very time consuming to high end, or very complex stuff. In short, it's not all that intuitive for actual illustrations, ironically.

I think I should focus more on hand drawn stuff for a while, then play with Photoshopping them some. Yeah.


sigh9 said...

nice one, I like it a lot. Second your thoughts about bloody Illustrator though. Although I also hate P/shop for the same reason, whoch is that I can't get it to do what I want, even though I know, in physical terms, what I want it to do.

Serves me right for not ever reading a manual and expecting to just "work it out".

The Eyechild said...

Yeah Photoshop would be just right for colouring your sketches.. especially if you wanted that slightly airbrushed look a lot comics have these days.

Learning's another thing though.. best if someone shows you generally.. manuals are a bore.