Thirty Thousand Streets

Friday, December 30, 2005


Just popped into Wordsworth books en route to the supermarket, and as has been mentioned in the Camberwell online blog, it is indeed in the midst of its closing down sale, which from a selfish and shot term point of view means 25% of all stock, but also sadly means no more bookshop in Camberwell.

I also read that one of the contributory factors was the fact that there seem to have been ongoing 'rennovations' there since last year – and surely the term rennovations can only be used in the loosest sense of the term as it looks fucking awful, even I imagine without the attractive chipboard cladding which has pretty much concealed the exterior for the year, and put all and sundry off venturing within. Has anyone the lights they've installed? God they're a travesty. For those that haven't borne witness yet, they consist of a double row of harsh bright spotlights pointed directly at the floor and brightly illuminating a spot of ground a foot in diameter.. wasteful and unattractive! And this is what we get in exchange for our bookshop? Thanks.

Thanks a lot.

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