Thirty Thousand Streets

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Faustian Fear

Working back at an ad agency in Soho which is fine but..

I've just been offered six weeks work. Great you might think, and the money is good, but the work sounds fucking shit.

It's an in-house role doing Quark work for estate agents of all people. I'm guessing I'll be the only 'person' there, and there'll be lot's of really boring re-flowing of text on glossy coated stock for the kind of sharks who wear Hackett shirts and bray into mobile phones in expensive but culturally bereft bouroughs of London on the weekend.

Having just slagged off Estate Agents (and I do know one who I like) I'm aware that ad agencies aren't exactly awash with the milk of human kindness, but I'd still far prefer to work in one. It's very possible that someone could ring up in a week and offer me something more interesting, which I wouldn't be able to do due to my chilling up in dicksville.

I also suspect that within a week I'll be bored rigid, and just about willing to commit suicide (after having killed everyone else there, of course).

But the money is good, and I've just got back off holiday, and have also spent a large slice of the summer sitting reading sub-par science fiction in Brunswick park (admittedly with the aim of avoiding bookings like this).

And I probably won't get any work in January, and maybe not December, so maybe I should play the ant of the parable, rather than the grasshopper..

Or would I be better off again waving two fingers at the 'the man', subsisting off my monetary fat deposits, and trying to get some work I actually want to do?

Argh. Decisions.

What do I do.

PS: Celebrity (sort of) sighting update – Nigel Havers talking into a phone and wearing a sport jacket/blazer on St. Anne's court in Soho, yesterday lunchtime. Beat that.


sigh9 said...

hey: A heads up for some wierdness happening in your locale.

"The Origin of Painting"
Live shadow, grafitti, electromagnetic sound

Myatt's Fields Park
London SE5
Fri 20 Oct 2006
6.30 to 8.30
Admission Free

"The Origin of Painting" appears as part of the "Light
It" festival - also featuring The Barefoot Company,
Circus Space, Poulomi Desai, Sofie Layton, Mandinga
Arts, Howard Matthew and Ali Zaidi. Organised by Moti
Roti and Home. Supported by The Arts Council, Lambeth
Arts and The Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

"Inspir'd by Love, the soft Corinthian Maid, her
graceful lover's sleeping form portray'd"

The Eyechild said...

Sounds inneresting.. you checking it out?

Lord Bunty Chunk said...


" I also suspect that within a week I'll be bored rigid, and just about willing to commit suicide (after having killed everyone else there, of course)".