Thirty Thousand Streets

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Greek internet

I'm sat in a bar/internet cafe in Loggos on Paxos. Some unbelievably bad pop tune sampling 'Funky Town' by Lipps Inc is burbling away over the radio. In fact, the station itself seems dedicated to the playing of formulaic disco remixes with the same dreary 4:4 beat.

It's quite overcast today though it has been really toasty the rest of the time. I'm quite brown, and my feet are covered with mosquito bites which I'm leaning down to scratch intermittently.

It's been a good holiday, though other than the obvious holiday pursuits of lying around, eating, drinking and swimming, there's (peers around) not actually a right lot to do here, which is rather the point I suppose.

Anyway, I've been nosing around taking photos with my dad's old Nikon SLR, including an old decaying soap factory on the beach this morning, which is full of bits of rusting engines, and looks like a hidden level off The Chaos Engine. I'll get them up on Flickr as soon as I'm home (and have got them developed).

I turn 29 tomorrow. Not sure how I feel about that, but with any luck, Ade's got me the animal posters that came with the Guardian this week, which is something to look forward to at least.

Anyway, some old dude has sat down at the machine next to me and is announcing things aloud to no-one in particular, which is my cue to leave.


Lord Bunty Chunk said...

are you on yor tod?
don't ya find that when in greece the old phrase 'it's all greek to me'takes on a new poignancy?

gridrunner said...

Yes, I have the posters so far. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

Zeno Cosini said...

Happy birthday!

You only know it's your birthday because Felicity is there to remind you.

Lord Bunty Chunk said...

I was going to wait till tomorrow to give you my best wishes by I feel silly now so: Happy fucking Birthday!

Oh I have a blog now too:

doppelganger said...

Yeah.... Happy Birthday

29 no big deal - you end doing the same stuff but with greater ego integrity in your thirties....

gridrunner said...

Happy Birthday Eyechild!

First of "The Moor Krew" to reach 29. Don't worry - Me 'n' Zeno aren't far behind. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

The Eyechild said...

Cheers chaps!

Three o'clock, so think I might go for a dip in the sea, before getting outside a couple of scoops.

And no, actually I don't need my mum to remind me it's my birthday.

That other time with you was just a one off.