Thirty Thousand Streets

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Does anyone know of any decent podcasts? I quite got into the Ricky Gervaise one for a bit, then stopped when they started charging and it invevitably, so I'm told, became not as good as it used to be.

Subsequent attempts to get into it have so far merely confirmed Sturgeon's Law that '90% of everything is crap', but I'm sure this can't be the whole story.

So c'mon kids, hook me up with the good stuff and show me where that 10% is hiding.


gridrunner said...

Danish Commodore 64 theme tunes podcast:

Essential ear candy, I'd say.

Pentadact said...

It's a vidcast, but Zé Frank's daily broadcast is entertaining:

Zeno Cosini said...

Mark Kermode's film reviews are good:

Speaking of which, do you want to go and see a film this weekend? And no, Tom, NOT Aquamarine *sigh*

gridrunner said...

Here are a few more Pod/Vid cast resources.

Web / gadget news presented... by a woman: Rocketboom
(Though Amanda, the old presenter was better)

Here's most of the BBC's selection

The Guardian

New Scientist

You might also be able to find something here:

The Eyechild said...

Cheers guys

I'll check em all out..


Fraid I'm gwan fe be in Greece this weekend, so we'll have to go see Aquamarine some other time.

Sorry dude.


Word – that Amanda looks a Pod Fox.

Pentadact said...

Cheers for the Mark Kermode link. I already loved the guy, but this is especially wonderful. Just listening to the Wicker Man episode, in which he completely flips out about three different films in quick succession.

"If you pay money to see Little Man, SHAME ON YOU. I'm absolutely serious, SHAME ON YOU."
"What if you've already seen it?"
"Well, then, er, I suppose, SHAME ON YOU."

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
You should check out 'The Paranormalists'. It's a comedy drama series, featuring a team of paranormal investigators facing an unprecedented wave of unexplained activity in the English West Country in the early 1990s.
The series is professionally recorded and mixed and stars a host of talent from British TV and radio, including the legendary Michael "Bullet Baxter" Cronin from Grange Hill and Radio 4's Neil Edmond. And it's free!
To subscribe, open iTunes and search for 'Paranormalists' in the search box top right.
check out the website -