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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bad Day


I've had the worst day of the year, so far, and though that aint saying much, my spidey sense informs me it will also take some beating. Basically I went for an interview for a job which I had no interest whatsoever, as an artworker at a repro house. It was all very technical and pre-press, and required someone fastidious with little interest in creative input. It was also shift based, so one week was 7am to 3pm, and the next 3pm to 11pm. I basically said yes to the interview because I had very little else on, and once I'd agreed, felt duty bound to attend.

But I really wasn't arsed.

On relection of course the fault lies with me completely. If you do anything purely out of a sense of obligation, then you are fooling nobody but yourself, wasting everybody's time, and making 52 varieties of prick out of yourself.

Within five minutes of the interview starting, I wanted to get up and say,

"Look guys, I'm wasting your time, I'll get my coat" etc.

But still floundered and ad-libbed away. I really wished I was somewhere else. Sample exchange from interview:

Interviewer: "So, why do you want to work for (company's name)?"

Me: "Err.."

(Thinks "I don't")

I can't even remember what I said, but it was rubbish. I think the guys actually tried to give me some advice, even though they were annoyed and actually stated explicitly 'you're wasting our time'.




Note to self: Don't ever do that again.

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sigh9 said...

hey, at least you didn't actually get the job -sounds horrible. Aren't you some kinda webdesigny thing? stay away from menial tasks which leave no time for doing what you do. (mmm... maybe easy enough to do when there's money coming in, less so when you're forced to eat your flatmates)