Thirty Thousand Streets

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cigs and Things

Well, it's been over a week since that fatefull day, boxing day, when I tore up my packet of Lucky Strikes and declared that I'd quit smoking, and it's all been pretty plain sailing.. apart from yesterday, when I got got crazy stressed in the afternoon, then went and drank beer in the evening.

Got home and really wanted to smoke, so started frantically turning over my room to find a tab; but there were none in evidence. My housemates door was open, and I assumed he was out so strode in and switched on the light to see if he'd got any cigs stashed for 'special' occasions.. but he was in, lying in bed staring at me slightly bemusedly.

"Er, alright paul, got any cigarettes?"

I asked


he replied, and that was pretty much that. All for the best really.

Well, I'm not sure what I'm doing at the minute. Feeling a bit low, and I've got no work lined up in the immediate future. Truth be told, I'm really questioning what I'm doing in London at all. I really want time to sort out my portfolio, so should use time off to address this. Money is still a bit of a worry though.

New year was about as civilised as it's been in the last four years or so. My friend Dunc organised a party at his house, and in total, nine people showed up.. It was good fun though, and there were decks there as well, my main gripe there being that all of my records got spun about three times.. I don't think that the fabric of the universe itself could have withstood another play of 'Teardrops' by Womack & Womack in such a localised vicinity.

New Years Day involved a hike to Manor House to bid farewell to my friend Renee, who's off travelling. We'd all chipped in for an iPod for her - one of those insanely flashy video numbers which I coveted for myself. Various people had done a mix cd for her with various songs on, and as my playlist was clearly all she'd ever need, I offered to 'look after' her new bit of kit, and ease her burden while she was on the road. I don't even think I got a response beyond a polite laugh for that one.

Watched 'Catch Me if You Can' the other night, with Walken DiCaprio and Hanks, which was really good and features some excellent animated titles that are reminiscent of Saul Bass's ouvre. Followed this with Death of a Salesman, starring Hoffman and Malkovich.. which is also brilliant if very tragic and almost painful to watch in bits, and with at least one glaring continuity error (vanishing glass of scotch in the washroom).

And then yesterday sucked. Ah well. Back to the drawing board.


gridrunner said...

“Footsteps on the dance floor
remind me baby of you

Teardrops in my eye-eyes, next time I'll be true, yeah”

sigh9 said...

chin up eyechild, its just the utter grinding misery of january in Camberwell...I almost said something will come up, but i fuckin hate it when people say that to me, but it will.

and stay off them fags

sigh9 said...

hang on.. have you *deleted* the post about giving up?

The Eyechild said...

Heh, Yeah you're right, normal service will be resumed shortly. Nah didn't delete it, I don't miss em that much, thankfully..

Zeno Cosini said...

I know what you're saying, eyechild. The January drizzel falling outside the window of my office in Shepherd's Bush is a whole new species of bleak... one with an extra tooth, and no eyes.


Solution: art on Saturday.

gridrunner said...

One bad interview – don’t let it worry you. Keep at it with the illustration and one day when people are buying your books in Magma you’ll be glad of it.

Have you considered applying at digital agencies? Over half of my colleagues do no Flash or HTML work, they just do scamps, Illustrator/PS work and or copywriting. Oh, and also online is the future, in case you hadn’t noticed.


p.s. Sorry about playing your records so many times. If I’d been better prepared I would have brought some of my own.

sigh9 said...

oh... sorry, just found the bit about taking up not-smoking as a fulltime habit. I could have sworn I left a long and supportive comment about it.

If you want any gruesome pictures of throat cancer to encourage you in staying away from the tabs, I'm your guy.