Thirty Thousand Streets

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


I feel slightly ill at the minute. Nothing major, just a sore throat, and general bunged-upness that makes my head feel under disproportionate preassure. My eyes ache too, actually. And I seem to have chewed the inside of my right cheek, though I can't remember when and I don't think that counts as a symptom.

Off to Moro in Clerkenwell tonight with Moms and Pops, so I'll be able to write some kind of restaraunt review tomorrow and pretend I'm Jonathan Meades or something. I hear Nigella is a fan, but I'm not going to let that put me off.

My friend and general king of the keys Al lent me an album yesterday by a collective he played with up in Manchester, and who I've seen a few times. They're called Love The Action, and count amongst their number post-garage supremo Zed Bias, though the project as a whole is obstensibly fronted by Dave 'handsome' Connally. It's... ace. Part soul, part disco, part jazz – all good. Really I think it's the lushest thing I've heard in a while.

I'm listening to a podcast by Erol Alkan. He's currently mixing 'God Only Knows' by the Beach Boys, into Billy Jean, oh wait.. now its some 50 Cent/Frontline Assembly bootleg.. Tsk, bloody DJs eh?

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