Thirty Thousand Streets

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cleaning Rotas & CSS

Cleaning rotas in shared flats are great.. As long as everyone bothers to do their bit. Slliightly annoyed as three people over Christmas haven't bothered to do their stint, and it's now back to me already. Fair enough to some extent, short of ringing Cecilia in Argentina and asking her to pop back over to give the place a quick once over I can't really see how she can be held accountable, and hey, it WAS Christmas. But still irritating considering how pious and generally holier than thou some people have been about the whole thing in the past.

Anyway. Forget that.

Am trying to customise my blog a bit, by tinkering with the templates.. it's all a bit trial and error really, as I haven't really touched html or style sheets in years. I have a sound grasp of the underlying principles, though some of the conventions evade me. I just want to give it a new header, and maybe style it out slightly - nothing too fancy.

Am reading a book called 'Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned', which I presume was the inspiration behind the title of self-styled dance/punk has-beens The Prodigy's last album (not counting the contractual money-spinner that is their recent singles collection, that is) It's by an author called Walter Mosley and is shockingly good, written in the same afro-american 'street' vernacular as Iceberg Slim, if more nuanced in style. The protagonist is one Socrates Fortlaw, an ex-con anti hero who I could best describe as a cross between Lawrence Fishburn's character, Jason 'Furious' Styles in 'Boyz n the Hood', and Marv from 'Sin City', a kind of rough and ready patriach with huge fists.

I might have to go and buy some more by him from the balding shelves of Wordsworth books closing down sale (sniff).

PS: I've just noticed, having written the above that Lawrence Fishburn actually starred in the title role of a film adaptation of the book. Whaddya know.


sigh9 said...

you do know we-re all just checking in to see how the date went, innit?

The Eyechild said...

Ha! Twas all good.. I'll write tomorrow when I'm less knackered.

sigh9 said...

knackered is good