Thirty Thousand Streets

Monday, February 06, 2006

Blog Meet

The week came, and the week went.

I seem to spend a lot of the daylight, and indeed quite a lot of the twilight hours, hunched over my Mac, doing furtive webby things. Have been getting a lot more into my illustration recently too, though whether that's actually going to pay off is another matter; I'd really like to get paid to do this, and, more illustration-based design, but I find it hard to tell whether this is a pipe dream, or what. If my life is a parable, what will I be in the future when this tale has run its course? ant or grasshopper? industrious communal creature suffused with work ethic, or shiftless dreaming wretch, moving vectors round on a laptop screen?* Answers on a postcard please etc. etc.

Saturday was 'It's Bigger Than' again. This time they had Tom Middleton of Jedi Knights fame guesting, and he was very good - indeed as Gridrunner noted, "on brief" with his selection of electro house funkiness, and erm, Dead Prez. I resisted the urge to bite someone on this occasion, though Deven Miles did say I looked (and I quote) "like a mad crazy tramp". Charming. Also bumped into two of the guys I worked with at M&C Saatchi last year, so had a chinwag with them. Leaving the club, I lost DJ Phase on Brick Lane whilst stocking up on salt beef bagels. It was just as well I did too, as I ended up walking back to Elephant due to bus absence.

Sunday was the day of the Camberwell blogger meet up, and I must admit I was initially slightly apprehensive. Would we actually have anything to say to each other, or would it be more a long sequence of uncomfortable silences? Do any of us actually exist? Yes and no and yes were the answers to those questions, and it was really good fun - here we be. Personally I think we should all be in a 19th century drawing room having just signed something.

Anyway. More recruitment interviews this week, and the people today seemed really.. nice, which seems a flat contradiction. Most recruitment types posesses all the human warmth of single celled protazoa, but there must have been some rapid evolution going on in Clerkenwell as everone seemed to be vertebrate and warm blooded.

*Though actually, I think in the story the ants end up looking after the grasshopper come winter, like mugs.


sigh9 said...

So *that's* what you lot look like, good to see the old S&D still going strong. Used to live a coupla houses up the road meself.

sigh9 said...

and speaking of free we were on another blog ( you seen any other offers like that around?