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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Corporate Hell/Weekend rundown

Well, I got some work, which is good. It's working in the graphics department of a huge multinational human resources consultancy, and basically involves adapting print documents for web pdfs, re-flowing text in newsletters and.. well, you get the picture. Slightly better rate than my normal though, which is good.

It is the textbook definition of corporate though, and I had to dress up smart for it. They had a dress down Friday but nobody mentioned this to me so I rocked up wearing button down shirt, and the pair of crap black trousers my housemate gave me that only see the light of day on ventures such as this. I took my unique 'smart' status with good humour, though.

My brother was actually in town on thursday, but I missed him because I was working.

Friday evening went to see Lady Vengeance with Will, at the Curzon. It's directed by the guy who did 'Oldboy', and it's a fucking well wierd beast, to say the least.

The oddest thing about it is the juxtaposition of some very disturbing themes with very black humour, though I must concede that a man who can inject comedy into a scene where parents are watching videotapes of their children being murdered is also a man of vision - just not necessarily one which most middle-englanders would subscribe to. Expect a Sun 'Ban This Evil Film' headline any day now.

Saturday I went for a big walk.. up to Borough market for a tantalising look at the wares on show, before heading up to Tower Bridge, then back down the Old Kent road. I'd intended to cut through to Camberwell, but instead found myself wandering through a large estate in Peckham. I quickened my pace somewhat, and eventually emerged behind the library.

And the evening was to feature Peckham again, as me and some friends met up at Bar Story, an urbane little oasis by Peckham Rye station. Nice food, beer etc. and all round, a nice lttle find (and it did take some finding, believe me).

Today I walked up to the Imperial War Museum and had a look round. The main hall is a bit like Superman's Fortress of Solitude - stuffed full of engines of destruction that stand as grim testement to both mankind's folly, and enthusiasm for developing exciting new ways of blowing other people to bits. I also checked out the holocaust exhibition, which was depressingly harrowing.

And tonight Matthew... its pizzas at BRB (burb) whic has to have one of the crappest names for a venue ever as it stands, apparently, for 'Bar Room Bar'. Lame. Must've been cooked up by the same guys responsible for that Southwark Cleaning 'Cleaning Southwark' tagline.

Oh and its nearly Valentine's day, which I always find bothersome as getting out my front door is hampered by the drifts of cards and letters I receive, har har etc. I've got a decent bottle of wine waiting for me at the Sun & Doves, just no-one to drink it with (sniff), so I'll probably spend the evening meeping round my flat and playing in webberspace.

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