Thirty Thousand Streets

Monday, February 20, 2006

The patty spot

I don't pretend to know a great deal about West Indian food, but I am partial to the odd patty. Now, as far as these were concerned my destination of choice for said fluorescent orange snacks has hithertoo been Patty Island on Camberwell Church Street; and with a name like that, it makes sense. One of the dudes who works there also gave me and DJ Phaze some Irish Moss on the house one time, and for the unititiated, it's very sweet, has the consistency of Tixylix (remember that) and looks like the slime you used to get with 'The Real Ghostbusters' action figures. Tastes ok though.

But anyway. As of last weekend, I'm heading over to Peckham to score my patties, specifically from Gabbys, on Camberwell Church Street. They're chunkier (the saltfish ones actually had nodes of identifiable fish in them) tasty as hell, and they only cost a quid, wheras Patty Island have bumped their prices up to £1.20, or £1.50 for the lobster and shrimp flavour.!

Just beware of getting too enthusiastic with the pepper sauce.. it's toasty.


gridrunner said...

As I’ve already pointed out (though it’s relevant so I’ll reiterate), if you’re ever in Soho, fancy some West Indian food and feel like something more than a couple of patties, check out Mr. Jerk.

It’s near the Oxford Street end of Wardour Street. I highly reccommend curry chicken with rice and peas. Delish!

The Eyechild said...

I'll have to peep that sometime..