Thirty Thousand Streets

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Normal Service Resumed

Anyone tuning in this morning might have discovered that this blog had reverted to its original and extremely green guise (That's green as in colour as opposed to environmentally friendly BTW) All three of the people who actually read it may have actually noticed, before returning to work and other more profitable distractions. Anyone unduly traumatised might want to call Claims Direct or something.

All in all it's been a f**king wasteful day. Woke up nice and early, saw the state of my blog, and set about trying to sort it out, whilst simultaneously preparing for the day ahead - which involved work; at least, I thought so.

For no sooner had I arrived at the location of my booking (an ad agency at the top of Dean street) when my contact there informed me "Erm, I'm sorry, I wanted you next week mate"

"Well at least I'm keen eh?" I ad-libbed furiously.

It was the agency's fault anyway.. the girl hadn't read her email properly and consequently I wasted most of a day traipsing in and out of London on a dismal rainy Thursday for nothing. Apart from a copy of Design Week and Batman Year 100.

Fuck I could've used that work.

Anyway. Applied to another agency in the meanwhile and fixed my blog. Ish. Last FM charts still haven't updated.

Other breaking news.

I remembered how to get italics in HTML, and have been enjoying them and bold tags. I suspect I might be getting carried away.

I saw someone getting 'busted' for drinking alcohol on the streets of Camberwell yesterday, in accordance with the new movement to get Camberwell looking less like Gin Lane and more like Pigeon Street. Nice and multicultural in a 'let's not shoot each other too much kind of way'.

The bust was executed by two of those Street Wardens, dressed in those terrible scarlet uniforms which alone seem to rob their role of any gravitas whatsoever. Suprisingly, the dude seemed to be cooperating (if looking a bit peeved) rather than swatting them out of the way and continuing his swaggering drinking gait up Camberwell Church Street.

A poster outside a newsagents also caused me to do a double-take. I initially saw:


Cilla? Cilla Black? Aged 35? nooo!? I thought, until I looked closer and realised 'CILLA' was actually 'CLLR', and hence an abbreviation of 'councillor'. Hmm.

Anyway. I fancy a pint now as I've been good this week, and, it transpires, for jack all. Strange things are afoot in my flat, with new, oestrogen fuelled tensions bubbling below the surface. Sigh.

I bought some joss sticks from the chinese superstore on Denmark hill, which I mentioned in my second post I think. They were really cheap (about two quid for two hundred or something) and I can see why as the one I've just lit has given me a headache. Til next time.


Zeno Cosini said...

I love the fact that the Pigeon Street website entry for the character "Mrs Patel" simply and rather ominously states that there's "no information available" about her. I love it because it implies that Pigeon Street is an objectively real WORLD that exists beyond the intentions and interpretations of its writers and fans, and that Mrs Patel has her own independent existence. There is information about her - but we don't have access to it.

Eyechild - film tomorrow?

The Eyechild said...

Known aliases etc..

What you thinking of seeing? Working in Covent Garden tomorrow.

The Eyechild said...

Did you check out the tunes though?

Fuuck, that's a trip down memory lane.

gridrunner said...

Sorry I couldn’t come for a beer. I just got home from work now. At 1 am.

The less-than-glamorous side of website design.

¬_¬ zzzzzzzzz

gridrunner said...

p.s. fix the time zone in your blog settings! It says it's just gone 5pm!

ben said...

did you ever see the godcop wardens on camberwell c street? saw them for the first time very soon before i left. they were a sight to behold doing god's good work molesting the truly joyous. One of them overheard me laughing and calling them godcops. I felt ashamed at this. this is because i am too kindly.

gridrunner said...

So did anyone opt to download Mr Macadoo’s song in Norwegian?

The Eyechild said...

Working on a remix as I write..