Thirty Thousand Streets

Monday, February 20, 2006


The weekend was ok. Worked at Ogilvy in Canary Wharf on Friday, which was alright. Once again it was in the depths of the studio, which wasn't as dungeon-like as some I've been interred in, and actually had a pretty amazing view of London from its position on the 10th floor.

The work was easy enough, but for some reason I felt slightly on the back foot most of the day. The experience of walking into any international ad agency, usually with bling decor, then getting to grips with the local knowledge of servers, printers, pdfs, time sheets etc, can be slightly disconcerting, and the end of the day I was feeling quietly hopped having imbibed countless cups of grey flavourless coffee from the dispenser, and was looking forward to getting out of there between twitches.

That evening met up with Dunc for a beer in the Joiner's arms, as he was off to Honduras for three weeks, then went to Fabric, where my friend Sam was DJing.

Saturday was pretty miserable weather-wise, but my friend Marvyn was down for the night, as he's going to move in at the end of March. Yay! Cue beer consumption. This evening in the Hermits Cave and Castle.

So, at the minute I've not got a drinking buddy round here.. which is good. I might try and use it as an excuse to get out of Camberwell more, and/or drink less. Perhaps try and get some more things sorted. I went for an interview with a company on Regent Street today who specialise in helping people set up limited companies. I'm working on a logo as well, so might potentially go the full nine yards and get a business card and letterhead printed.

We'll see.


sigh9 said...

own company seems the way to go... what are you gonna do? web design? animation?

I only ask 'cos I might have work for you if all goes right at a sponsor meeting I have tomorrow.

The Eyechild said...

Mostly design and illustration.. I want to get back into animation as I have used Flash..

sigh9 said...

The meeting didn't quite according to plan, I was hoping to get some money to get a site done but they only went and gave us the use of their own department. soz

but with the animation... I have an idea for a collaboration to get money from these guys

if you are keen to put a proposal together (it cant really hurt, can it?) mail me at the stickerthingblog at googlemail dot y'know.